DANI warranty

All products provided via the website www.conservasdanionline.es / online@dani.es:

-        Fit the description indicated on the website and have the characteristics displayed therein.

-        Are suitable for the uses for which products of this type are normally used.

-        They have the usual quality which consumers may reasonably expect of this type of product, bearing in mind the nature of the product and, where applicable, the public statements regarding the specific characteristics of the products shown on the website, by the vendor and, in particular, on advertisements or on the labelling.

The civil liability of www.conservasdanionline.es / online@dani.es for the products supplied is restricted to the cost thereof, and the user hereby waives their right to claim liability, on any grounds, should they be dissatisfied with the products purchased on this website. Furthermore, they shall also waive their right to claim for damages caused by any system failures, access delays or access errors on the website, including the loss of data or any other information that may be on the computer or network being used by the user to access www.conservasdanionline.es / online@dani.es.